Le Negresco

France, Nice

Hotel - Spa


At N Le Spa, your well-being is a living work of art that we create with you, tailored to your specific wishes. Our palette constantly evolves to give you the keys to everlasting beauty. From one surprise to a new discovery, the joyous immersion in our world opens the path to a new sense of inner balance and a feeling of well-being embracing all the senses. The magic of the surroundings and the experiences we offer invite guests to embark on an artistic and sensory journey, reminiscent of a daydream. The expertise of our artists guides you throughout your journey, ensuring that you enjoy the benefits of our excellent treatments and products, and that, together, we can sculpt the bespoke experience that you need.

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+334 93 16 64 46

10am - 7pm Everyday

 37 Prom. des Anglais, 06000 Nice

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