Christophe Versolato

France, Toulouse

Beauty Salon


At the bend of a building courtyard in the city center, we discover with wonder the universe of Christophe Versolato, "his house", intimate and chic. Here, the tone is set. We revisit the 30s, timeless and elegant. The atmosphere is spellbinding from the start. On each floor, we are seduced by the soothing colors, ocher, green, bronze, spaces with multiple shapes, and a masterful staircase that overlooks the reception.

Everything here tends to make you feel at home, like a caring and reassuring team. All that's left is to let yourself be carried away and have a good time during which you will navigate through three levels, in a universe combining hairstyle, aesthetics and dawdling. The aesthetic universe is in the hands of Fanny, an outstanding technician driven for more than twenty five years by the passion for her profession. A specialist in face and body care, gentle, attentive and a perfectionist, she will be a great ally in your quest for well-being.

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+33 5 61 21 24 13

2pm - 7pm on Monday / 9:30am - 7pm from Tuesday to Saturday

9 rue Saint Antoine du T, 31000 Toulouse

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